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Welcome to YouthPro!

Are you between 18 and 25 years old? Then YouthPro is for you!

YouthPro is an entry level membership that was established by Solidarity so that you can be supported in the workplace from the start at an affordable price.

Entry level membership is an important link between you as a Youth member and the trade union members as it exists to assist you with the transition between school and studies, or school and the workplace. We would like to help you to find your feet and then accompany you on your career path.


Membership benefits


YouthPro offers specific benefits at only R50 per month. Terms and conditions apply at each of the specific benefits.

Telephonic legal advice
This means that you can get legal advice from Solidarity if you have a problem in the workplace. However, we will not be able to represent you if the issue is taken further, unless you have been a member of JeugPro for 3 months, and switch to full membership.
Holiday benefit
With your membership you can visit one of two hand-picked holiday resorts. Receive up to 20% discount at Santana Beach Holiday Resort on Margate’s main beach, or at Kokoriba close to Brits in the Bushveld. The benefit is not applicable to the Easter Weekend and from 1 December to 10 January.
Discount on study fees
You have the opportunity to take courses at S-leer and Akademia at discounted rates. A discount of up to 40% applies for continued learning through S-leer, and at Akademia a discount of up to 20% is offered on courses. Terms and conditions apply.
Access to occupational guilds
The Solidarity Occupational Guild for your specific occupation becomes your home in your profession, keep you up to date of actual matters in your profession, and provide you with access to further knowledge as well as valuable advice.
Financial advice
Plan your financial future with inputs from experts.
Cover for one ye
YouthPro offers you the opportunity to find your feet while you expand your knowledge on the benefit of a trade union and your rights in the workplace before you change over to full Solidarity membership.

Why do you need YouthPro?

Protection in the workplace is a necessity for anyone with an existing job or anyone who enters the workplace for the first time. With your YouthPro membership you enjoy affordable protection and access to information regarding your rights as a young person in the workplace.

The need for this category was born among young people who must undergo, among other, practical training as part of their studies. They need some labour law assistance, but they do not necessarily have the funds to pay the full fee for Solidarity membership. With YouthPro, we provide for this need while we offer so much more for the young working person.

Solidarity Youth received several complaints from which it became evident that young people, such as clerks, are often the victims of exploitation in the workplace. Out of desperation to make a good impression of to obtain a permanent position, clerks are often willing to perform duties which are not included in their service contract or they work under unlawful circumstances.

YouthPro will teach you how to handle these difficult situations and will equip you with knowledge on your rights in the workplace with an emphasis on how important it is to belong to a trade union.