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On this webpage you will learn everything from when and where to apply for tertiary studies, everything that is happening at Akademia, Sol-Tech and how to apply for an interest free study loan at Helping Hand or for a Solidarity bursary!

Step one of your career journey is usually to send out your CV, but where on earth do you begin? Click here for advice on your CV and a few templates to help you create your own professional CV!

Are you in your final year of studies and looking out for a job next year? If you participate in an internship in your final year, you are placing valuable work experience on your CV. Click here to see available internship opportunities!

The final door to any job is the interview. Here you can either make or break it – are you ready? Click here for advice about your interview – from what to wear and say, to what you shouldn’t say.



Are you unsure about the career path that you wish to follow? Do you wish to know more about what happens in different professions, but you don’t have the time to do research? If this is the case, the #Beroep101 podcast is perfect for you! During the episodes of this podcast we speak to people in different vocations, and we keep our episodes short! The guests will tell you all you need to know regarding subject choices, which courses you need to follow upon completing school, and of course why their job is fun to do! Tune in to #Beroep101.


Extra-curricular drama course paves way for Akademia students

By Reon Janse van Rensburg A new agreement, which will run from this year on, has been concluded between Akademia and the Akademie vir Dramakuns (ADK). The collaboration between those  

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Left-brain dominant: What it means and the jobs you’ll love

Dr Eugene Brink You might have heard of the left or right side of the brain being dominant, and this particular dominance will determine your strengths, weaknesses, thought processes and  

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Right-brained and creative? Then get the right job for you

By Dr Eugene Brink Some people are good at math or analysis, others are more creative and spontaneous. Some people are a bit of all these things with an emphasis  

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Student work

It is a good idea to get some work experience by doing some vacation jobs during your years as a student – even if it might not always be the most fun thing to do…

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The CV

Your CV is the first impression that you make on an employer – ensure that you send out the right message!

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